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Taken as a whole, Deadlier Than The Male is not a complete waste of time, but does not make enough changes to the Bond formula to stand on its own. Most Bondian moment: Ambushed by thugs, Drummund beats them up, chases down the survivor and then interrogates him after pinning him between his car grille and the garage wall. This never happened to the other fella: Drummund has a nephew who tags along and provides no help whatsoever. I wish I could say more, but that really sums up his contribution.

A unique idea that remains rather unexplored — what if James Bond was an out and out villain, more concerned with enriching himself than saving the world? Blending his backgrounds in special effects and cinematography, Bava creates a fantasy world in which Mafia dons hold meetings in private planes with convenient trapdoors, jewels can be fired like bullets, and Terry-Thomas is the head of the Treasury.

At the centre of all this is master criminal Diabolik. Hiding out in his cavernous underground base, he spends his time concocting schemes to steal impressive hauls — regardless of whether it is money, jewels or priceless heirlooms, Diabolik will want it. If there is a danger of being caught or killed, so much the better. Like Bond, he treats his profession as a game, an excuse for excitement, high living and a lot of uninhibited sex.

He is completely materialistic, and thinks nothing of tanking the national economy when the police put a bounty on his head. Most Bondian moment: After their first successful caper, Diabolik and his girlfriend immediately make love in the front seat of his sports car. This never happened to the other fella: Cornered by the police in his hideout, Diabolik ends up covered in melted gold when a massive ingot explodes in front of him.

Featuring a plethora of acrobatic stunts, oddball henchmen and a diabolical villain with his own private army, the movie manages to balance western tropes and Bond-style trappings without diluting either. Lee Van Cleef is in his element as the quipping, gadget-laden gunslinger of the title and director Gianfranco Parolini displays a combination of carnivalesque derring do and visual humour that makes Sabata stand out from the post-Leone slow burn approach to western action.

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Followed by two sequels, Sabata is one of the most unlikely and successful offshoots of Bondmania. While they verbally spar, Stengel tries to aim the cane at Sabata. In turn, the wily gunslinger moves his wine glass and other props to disrupt his aim. Tense, but with touches of dark wit, this bizarre version of chess is as effective in delineating the battle lines between hero and villain as the golf match in Goldfinger.

This never happened to the other fella: This is the Italian west, so there are plenty of heaving bosoms, but Sabata is more concerned with nailing the bad guys. Do we need to go over this? From the iconic pre-credits stunt to the globe-trotting plot, on paper there is much about the Indiana Jones series that we have seen before — but never has it been done with such a sense of originality, pace and humour.

Stripping the Bond archetype of the gadgets and the other fat that had clogged up the series by , Raiders is the bridge between the post-Bond adventure films of the 60s and the hi-octane ethos of eighties action movies. With his air of ruffled incredulity and vulnerability, Harrison Ford gave us the first everyman hero of the blockbuster era, while Karen Allen obliterated the image of the Bond girl with her ballsy, take-charge performance as Marion Ravenwood. There really is no need to go on.

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Sure, there are elements of homage to Bond and old time serials, but ultimately Raiders Of The Lost Ark stands on its own as simply one of the best movies of all time. Most Bondian moment: The pre-credit sequence is an effective introduction to Indy and is the rare example of a homage rising above its inspiration to become iconic in its own right. This never happened to the other fella: The gloriously abbreviated showdown with the swordsman. He would go on to act as second unit director on three of the Brosnan movies. Playing Asian Hawk, Chan takes a stab at the role of international adventurer.

A treasure hunter who is also a pop star or a pop star who is also a treasure hunter? In this, the first of two adventures, he goes against an evil cult of monks to hunt down an ancient set of armour. Like a Bond movie, the movie is just a series of increasingly elaborate set pieces — and that is the point. Besides, with Chan in the lead, the action is the thing that elevates this far above most Bond movies, not to mention most Hollywood movies of the same period. This never happened to the other fella: The bloopers during the credits, in which Chan proves that, contrary to what Carly Simon says, some people can do it better.

A delinquent junkie is captured and trained by a secret organisation to become a world-class assassin.

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  • After she has completed an unorthodox and deadly training programme, she becomes disillusioned with her new life and tries to escape. While not nearly to the standard of his later masterpiece Leon , Nikita is a fine inversion of spy movie tropes — flipping the genders, making the central character a criminal although The Ipcress File had already done this, in milder fashion , and having the secretive agency turn out to be more malignant in its intentions.

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    This turns out to be her final training mission — shooting another diner in front of his bodyguards. While her boss abandons her, Nikita has to shoot her way out through the kitchen. This never happened to the other fella: Though he uses Benzedrine in the books, in his cinematic incarnation Bond has never been shown using anything other than booze and cigarettes.

    A teenager gets mistaken for a secret agent and ends up on a secret mission for reasons he does not understand with gadgets he cannot use and a car he can barely drive. The closest to Kingsman in terms of its premise, If Looks Could Kill is a rather bizarre attempt at mixing an eighties teen comedy with the conventions and characters of a Bond movie.

    Although star Richard Grieco Booker is a little too smarmy in the lead role, the movie itself is a lot of fun, indulging in making the world around him as colourful and exotic as the genuine article. Air hostesses turn out to be killers, drinks are spiked, eye glasses act as x-rays, and sex with a beautiful woman involves poisonous scorpions and a rocket launcher.

    You almost expect Sean Connery or Roger Moore to step into frame to take over. If Looks Could Kill is not the best movie on this list, but it is worth a look. Most Bondian moment: Henchwoman Ilsa Grunt unleashes her signature weapon, a gold necklace which doubles as a whip. Directed by Philip Noyce, Patriot Games is a sophisticated mix of thriller tropes and human drama. It is a rare film that can juggle complex geopolitical issues while also granting the viewer enough intelligence to understand them without simplification. The cast are all excellent, and Noyce does some very interesting things with spy movie conventions — in the crucial jail break scene, he keeps the focus inside the prison van while conveying the action outside through clever use of sound design, while a later set piece, an assault on a terrorist camp, plays out on infra red footage on a monitor in a US control centre.

    One of the most underrated thrillers of the 90s along with its sequel Clear And Present Danger , Patriot Games is the kind of serious adult entertainment that they do not make any more. Most Bondian moment: If only for how it feels unnecessarily formulaic, the final battle between Ryan and villain Sean Miller Sean Bean feels the most like formula Bond. This never happened to the other fella: The focus on Ryan as a working family man is one of the best aspects of the film, and the series as a whole.