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Return to Book Page. Preview — Wolf's-head by Chris Turner. First it is prison, then it is the precarious life of outlaws. Harried across the land, accompanied by a rebellious sea captain, they encounter the formidable Dakkaw, an ogreish creature of questionable repute. Can they win free of 'Bisiguth', an First it is prison, then it is the precarious life of outlaws.

Journey to new reaches of faraway Bindar with these unlikely heroes who must trust their instincts, survive by wits and bravado against lords, lawgivers, enchanting damsels and fey creatures. Book I of the epic 3-book saga. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition. Published first published August 13th More Details Rogues of Bindar 1.

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Showing Average rating 1. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 14, Krizia Anna rated it did not like it Shelves: chris-turner.

I didn't even get to finish the book. I wasn't even halfway. The language was used was extremely boring, does not seem to fit the book itself. I can read Dickens but not this one. This book is a big BORE. Oct 08, Al Gritten rated it did not like it.

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The author has a vast command of vocabulary, but while his language skills are impressive they are out of place among the commoners that occupy the wharf town of Heagram. I admire the writer's command of vocabulary, or thesaurus, but they interfere with the story and perhaps the best development of the characters.

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As I began the book, I thought that perhaps it was his intention convey a sense of the archaic, but if so, he has perhaps gone too far. The language overpowers the characters. It also overpowers what plot there is - which is thin. I was fully three-quarters of the way through the book before the plot made any sense at all, and then it was weak. Between his use of language and the length of time it took to develop his plot, I found the book tedious to read and struggled to get through it.

Sword Sorcery/9

I would like to give the author the benefit of the doubt, but found very little in this book to regard or recommend. Mar 28, Nicole Roberts rated it did not like it. Honestly I am not a fan of overly wordy books. The story is rather disjointed. After the conspirators part to attend to various errands, Johnny waylays and kills them separately, then breaks into Bemis's desk in search of the antidote he reasons they must have possessed.

He discovers a bottle of potassium iodide, a standard fungicide, and two hypodermic syringes. Clumsily, with teeth and claws, he manages to open the bottle and fill one of the syringes, with which he trots back to the station in search of Methuen. But his attempts to inject Methuen and the other victims fail, as they instinctively resist his efforts. Nor can he order them to do it themselves, as the conspirators might have, his ursine mouth and throat being incapable of human speech.

Attempting to direct them via sign language or a laboriously typed message fare no better. Johnny is frustrated: "It seemed absurd—even his little bear's sense of humor realized that—that the spell could be broken by a simple command, that he alone in the whole world knew the command, and that he had no way of giving it. Finally he has an idea; using the record collection and recording device of one of the scientists, he isolates and re-records the phrase "Now look here!

Afterwards the two of them return to the typewriter, on which Johnny slowly taps out his account of what has happened. Methuen is amazed — "Think of it, Johnny, a bear saving the world! But any reward will have to wait. First there are the rest of the scientists and people of St.

The Command (short story)

Croix to cure, and then the population of the rest of the Caribbean islands and the mainland. A week later, beset by boredom in the now mostly-deserted biological station, Johnny attempts the chemistry article once more, still with no one available to help him through the difficult parts. Regarding it, de Camp has written "'The Command' had no special inspiration, unless one counts visits to the Central Park Zoo.

It was the first of a series of four sequels.

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I learned the hard way that each story of a series must top its predecessor or it will look less good. In this case, the series ran down; Johnny Black starts out by saving the world and ends up saving his boss's job. It should have been the other way around, but that would have meant planning the whole series in advance. This would have been wise, but I did not then know that.

In the analysis of science fiction historians Alexei and Cory Panshin , the story typified an attitude of de Camp remarkable for the genre of the time: "In the proto-ecological universe projected by de Camp, to be human The story was rewritten as the children's story "The Bear Who Saved the World" by the author's wife Catherine Crook de Camp , in which form it was published in the anthology Creatures of the Cosmos Westminster Press, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Best of L. Garden City, Nelson Doubleday, , pages De Camp: An L. Sprague de Camp Bibliography. Los Angeles, Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. Works by L. Viagens Interplanetarias.

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