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The Character of Leo is a great one to read as you get to know more about him through the journals of Kate and you understand the history and past he has had. You get to know the real Leo as you read the book and you will be surprised by the outcome. I really loved how when you read the book you are transported back and forth through time as you read the extracts from Kates journals this gives an interesting take on the background of all the characters and lets you know the past of them all.

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The cover of the book is beautiful and brightly coloured which perfectly reflects the description on Pearl Island within the book. I really enjoyed reading this book is was highly addictive and kept me absorbed from the first page to the last. I am looking forward to reading the next adventure that Janice Horton will be taking us on.

Apr 13, Christie72 rated it it was amazing Shelves: beautiful , emotional , family , friendship , heartwarming , must-read , romance , women-s-fiction , top-read-of , all-time-favorite-read. Island in the Sun by Janice Horton is one of those rare gems of a book to just savor and enjoy!

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Isla Ashton is a very successful jewellry designer in the UK. She is looking towards the future, having left her painful past on a beautiful island in the Caribbean. She plans to sell and get out before confronting her past in the form of her past love, Leo.

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But, that is easier said than done when she finds her aunt has left her some surprises she never expected. Both Isla and Leo are adults who have made decisions about their lives based on things that happened in their past. Neither of them are perfect by any means, especially their stubborness.

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That just made them more human and easier for me to connect with. What a character this woman was…. There were times I thought she was incredibly selfish. Yet, I somehow came to love her! She was so complicated and so human. The book was incredibly well-written, and the writer, Janice Horton, is so talented in creating such a beautiful setting. I could see the blue seas, feel the sand between my toes, smell and feel the balmy salty breezes. Make sure to read the section about the writer herself.

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She is quite intriguing, and I loved how she finds the locales for her books! This is a perfect book for the spring and summer. It has it all The epilogue also contains a surprise. This is definitely my surprise read of the year. Jewellery designer, Isla Ashton's shocked to hear of her Aunt Kate's death and even more so when she has to go back to Pearl Island in the Eastern Caribbean for the reading of the will. It's over ten years since she was on the tropical island which was once her home and not somewhere she ever expected or wanted to visit again.

Only on arrival, she seizes a chance to find out the truth about why she was abruptly sent back to England. Surprise, Leo Fe This is definitely my surprise read of the year. Surprise, Leo Fernandez's reaction on hearing Isla is back on Pearl Island and he's determined to show her how he has begun building a business he hopes will impress her. After spending eight years in prison with no contact with her, he hopes she will take a chance on him again. Only she has other plans which don't include him.

However, a disaster acts as a catalyst to reveal secrets from the past which will hopefully heal the rift between them. To allow them to move forward It's so easy to visualise the beauty of the island through Ms Horton's writing style. The descriptions of the scenery, along with a glimpse into the daily lives of islanders, particularly through Kate's journals, depicts a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of the rich from years gone by.

Additionally, readers begin to understand the vulnerability and concern of the local peoples when one era comes to an end without a clear cut plan for the new one. Told from three points of view the third via Kate's journals I enjoyed learning Isla and Leo's thoughts about their lives, both from their youth and the present date. Overall, an enticing novel with a stunning backdrop with a narrative full of fascinating facts to fill your head with the yearning of, wishing you are there.

This had me hooked! Isla has been estranged from her Aunt Kate for 10 years and is contacted by a lawyer to say that her Aunt had died and she had left her whole estate to her….. So she gets on a plane with the sole focus of doing what she needs to do, selling the island and returning home. Luckily her Aunt leaves her journals to her, and as she curls up one night she uncovers a multitude of secrets.

Talk about twists! Will she really risk the Island, home to so many people she cares about, to potentially become a holiday resort? Will she ever sort things out with Leo? And will she get the closure she needs to move on with her life? I absolutely loved the characters, although Isla was so frustrating! Horton does a fantastic job of describing the Island so I really felt like I was there. I just wish I could inherit a small Caribbean Island!!

It sounds so lush and beautiful! The book was easy to read and really sucked you in. This is a fantastic book, full of mystery, love, friendship, glamour and forgiveness.

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Highly recommended by me! Apr 08, Julie Morris rated it really liked it.

My first book by the backpacking housewife, Janice Horton, but I will definitely be tracking down more of her writing, as this book was right up my street for a fantastic escapist read. Exotic locales, mystery, scandal, a whiff of piracy and romance — what more could one ask from one little book?

Of course, nothing is ever that straight forward and Isla is drawn back into the past and finds out all may not have been as she assumed. I thought this book had a great balance of intrigue and romance. I was very drawn in to the story of Isla and her troubled history and I loved finding out more about the history of Kate and why she had ended up on Pearl Island and why she behaved the way she did towards Isla and Leo.

I thought the plot was constructed really well and the devices used to reveal the past were really well done. The plot flowed quite easily for me and I was eager to follow it through to the end. The characters were well drawn and compelling and I was fully invested in their story arcs. I liked hearing the different voices telling their stories, which allowed us to get to know the different characters and see things from their perspective.

A great, glamorous setting for an exciting tale full of romance and drama. If you are looking for a light book to take you to far flung shores and life you can only imagine, this is the book for you. Jun 05, J. B Debbie rated it it was amazing. I'm sitting writing this review and outside its pouring icy rain down.

In April!!! I long to be back in this wonderful book and escape once again to Pearl Island and its inhabitants. Janice Horton's descriptions of Pearl Island and the wonderful cast of characters instantly transported me to sunnier climes. The book shifts from present day to 10 years previously plus we get a glimpse further into the past through various diaries that the main character Isla is left by her late aunt Kate.


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Isla h I'm sitting writing this review and outside its pouring icy rain down. Isla has returned to Pearl Island when she is informed of her Aunt's passing. She hasn't been to the island in 10 years after she was effectively banished by her aunt. We aren't immediately told the reason for this but instead find out through flashbacks to a time when Isla, only 16 years old falls for Leo, a sea gypsy. I adored this description It totally captured my imagination! Isla soon discovers that she has inherited the island from her aunt much to her horror and she can't wait to sell it and move back to Edinburgh and the life she has built for herself.

She's now effectively a very wealthy woman and the world is her oyster! However, the island holds many secrets and the past and aunt Kate's diaries are full of mystery. Kate was not the woman Isla thought she was and as skeleton's continue to fall out of the closet, Isla is more than a little surprised by what she discovers. Isla must face her demons and also face Leo who she hasn't seen since she left the island. There is much to resolve. A cracking read from Janice Horton who never fails to deliver a good story. Highly recommended. Apr 09, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: janice-horton , sharon , blog-tour-books , rachel-random-resources.

Pearl Island is where Isla grew up, but also holds painful memories for her revolving around her childhood friend, Leo.